Health and Safety

The following statement from the Managing Director expresses the Board’s policy on Health and Safety at Work: -

“It is the Company’s policy that all reasonably practicable steps are taken to provide working conditions which ensure the safety, health and welfare of all those affected by the Company’s activities, including visitors and any non-employees on site. Our main aim is to foresee and remove hazards and not just deal with the results of accidents. Health and Safety is the responsibility of all employees and induction training will include safe working methods. Those responsible for organising the work of others o designing methods of work have specific duties with regard to Health and Safety, which the board has defined, and which are contained in this document. They will be backed by specialist advice, which is available from qualified staffs that are identified herein.

Considerable effort has been made to identify in this document those specific hazards, which are peculiar to any given working area. By identifying those hazards we have set ourselves standards, which can only be maintained with the active participation of all levels of staff that are charged with implementing that policy. Particular regard has been afforded to the new EC Regulations, and Assessments there under and resulting strategy and objectives are also included.

For our part, the Board of Directors will ensure that this policy is carried out and will support all those responsible for its implementation, welcoming the participation of employees in promoting health, safety and welfare at work”.


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