Training Policy

The Company’s employees play a crucial role in ensuring business success. Wherever possible, all necessary steps will be taken to ensure that employees are provided with the training they require to perform their duties effectively at all stages of employment.

The kinds of training that the Company provides falls into four broad categories: induction, on the job, in house, and external.


Whenever a new employee joins the Company, it is his or her line manager’s duty to ensure that he or she is given a proper introduction to the workplace, colleagues, catering facilities, duties, health and safety and other procedures.

Within the first few days of employment the line manager will assess the new employee’s training requirements and arrange for that training to be provided. Very often, the employee’s needs will be adequately met by a combination of on the job and related in house training. From time to time, however, it may be necessary to arrange external training.

The main purpose of the induction process is to enable a new employee to become productive as quickly and effectively as possible. Each induction process will be tailored to the individual employee.

On the Job Training

Very often, new skills can be gained as part of on the job training by recently trained and/or more experienced colleagues. Employees will undergo this kind of training from time to time throughout their employment with the Company.

In House Training

From time to time, the Company will bring outside trainers into the workplace and organise internal training courses. This form of training will often be triggered by the introduction of new equipment and working methods, and will be arranged when on the job training cannot be supplied.

External Training

External training may be provided in a variety of forms ranging from short courses of a few hours duration, through to lengthy courses leading to the award of qualifications.

Where necessary, the Company will arrange for employees to undertake external training where this cannot be provided in house.

Employees who undertake external training courses with significant cost implications will be required, before commencing the course, to sign an undertaking to repay a proportion of the costs of the course if they leave the Company’s employment within 12 months of the end of the course.

This requirement to repay the Company will be reduced by 1/12th of the course costs for each complete month


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